hiring a contractor to improve your home environmenthiring a contractor to improve your home environment

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hiring a contractor to improve your home environment

Are you happy with every element of your home, or do you imagine things being a little different than they are now? Do you have kids that share a bedroom? Do those kids argue about having to share a bedroom? A general contractor may be what you need to get a little peace in your home. This is just one example of how a general contractor can help you improve your living environment. Learn more about the advantages of making home improvements and changes by visiting my website. You can learn about everything that I have done to my home to create the ideal living environment for my family.

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Forget Going Out On The Town With Your Very Own Pub Shed

If you have been wondering how to refurbish that shed out back or if you are thinking about adding some landscape construction to your property, consider building a pub shed. A pub shed is a step above a man-cave, and creates a space dedicated to entertaining or for relaxing in style. There are many ways to refurbish your out-building to accommodate a home pub, and a lot will depend on your existing structure and your budget.

Talk with home builders about some of the following design ideas when planning your own pub shed:


Perhaps the best part of these pub sheds is the unexpectedness of what is behind the simple facade. You don't need to do extensive exterior work, unless you are starting from scratch or have major repairs to do, and keeping it simple is part of the allure. You might want to implement some outdoor lighting to prevent falls at night or add a small sign for guests and friends.


You will need electricity and a way to keep your cocktails cold if you are planning on turning your shed into a pub, so talk with contractors about the most efficient way to do this. If you are fortunate enough to have power already installed in your building, then you are well on your way to turning your shed into your own pub!


The main fixture of a pub is a bar, and this can often be created using recycled countertops and cabinetry from a kitchen makeover. You can also buy a free-standing bar which is perfect for smaller spaces and that cost very little usually. Install kegs or taps, if desired, so you will get the entire pub feeling when you spend time there.


Sheds are not typically outfitted with ambient lighting but you will probably want to consider investing in track lighting or other means to illuminate the interior of your pub. Add neat accent lighting such as pool table lights, pendant lamps, lanterns, and vintage neon signage to give your pub a warm, welcoming glow.


How do you plan to entertain the guests that visit your pub? You may want to move your big-screen out to the pub or perhaps add video games or vintage pinball. Pool tables are a great option for these spaces, but be sure to secure your pub shed when you are not there to prevent theft of these expensive belongings.

Talk with contractors about the best way to refurbish your shed or storage building to become a pub shed. These versatile spaces will bring a refreshing and enjoyable element to your property, and may well become your favorite part of the home. Discuss options with builders and obtain estimates for any structural work or renovations that might make your vision a reality. To learn more, visit Show Homes Abbey Master Builder