hiring a contractor to improve your home environmenthiring a contractor to improve your home environment

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hiring a contractor to improve your home environment

Are you happy with every element of your home, or do you imagine things being a little different than they are now? Do you have kids that share a bedroom? Do those kids argue about having to share a bedroom? A general contractor may be what you need to get a little peace in your home. This is just one example of how a general contractor can help you improve your living environment. Learn more about the advantages of making home improvements and changes by visiting my website. You can learn about everything that I have done to my home to create the ideal living environment for my family.

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3 Common Mistakes When Remodeling A Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of your home, as you use it to prepare meals and socialize with friends and family. This is why your kitchen must be functional and beautiful. When doing a major kitchen remodel, you may be tempted to change things to a way that you always wanted but won't realize you ruined the function of your kitchen until after you start using it again. Avoid making these 3 mistakes during your kitchen remodeling project.

Breaking Up Your Kitchen Triangle

If you've never heard of the kitchen triangle, it is your sink, stove, and refrigerator. Of all the things in your kitchen, you use these three places the most and should have them in close proximity. Unfortunately, many people do not consider the kitchen triangle when remodeling the kitchen.

You are restricted to where some of these items need to be placed due to plumbing and ventilation, which is why it may require additional work to properly move them. Don't make the mistake of putting an island between your stove and sink because that's where the existing plumbing is, especially when you can pay to have a plumber move water lines for you.

Poor Cabinet Usage

Every good kitchen needs storage, which is why you must plan accordingly for where cabinets will be placed. You must account for the amenities of your modern kitchen and how they can affect storage space. You may have to deal with:

  • A garbage disposal that takes up all the space underneath your sink.
  • A stove that needs to vent through a cabinet, limiting your storage space.
  • Appliances that will be built into cabinets with pull out storage, such as a stand mixer or blender.

If your kitchen is small, make up for your limited storage space with deeper cabinets. You can make the cabinets more accessible by adding pull out drawers and Lazy Susan turntables for corner cabinets.

Bad Lighting

A kitchen need to be lit properly for both design aesthetics and safety. You work with hot surfaces and sharp knives, and you need to be able to see what you are doing. Understand the importance of accent lighting and task lighting and how they can be beneficial to a kitchen. While accent lighting adds beauty, task lighting is necessary to light up your work areas.

If you need help with your kitchen renovation project to avoid these kind of mistakes, find a general contractor in your area that can help you get the job done right.