hiring a contractor to improve your home environmenthiring a contractor to improve your home environment

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hiring a contractor to improve your home environment

Are you happy with every element of your home, or do you imagine things being a little different than they are now? Do you have kids that share a bedroom? Do those kids argue about having to share a bedroom? A general contractor may be what you need to get a little peace in your home. This is just one example of how a general contractor can help you improve your living environment. Learn more about the advantages of making home improvements and changes by visiting my website. You can learn about everything that I have done to my home to create the ideal living environment for my family.

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Get An Efficient Kitchen With These Remodeling Ideas

You're ready to take the plunge into a kitchen remodel and upgrade.  Visions of shiny granite or quartz dance in your head.  The concept of efficiency may dull in comparison, but consider: good design can make food preparation a pleasure for years to come.

Consider the triangle.

Kitchen design based on a work triangle is a time-honored idea.  The points of the triangle are the preparation hubs: the stove, refrigerator, and sink.  The theory maintains an optimum distance between the three points for efficiency.  (Sides of the triangle measure between 4 and 9 feet, with all three sides totaling between 13 and 26 feet.)

Keep in mind that the triangle assumes a one-cook kitchen.  If you have two cooks in your home, consult with your kitchen remodel contractor for an efficient design.

Think about flow.

Kitchens are not just for cooking anymore.  They are for chatting, snacking, computing, and more.  Most likely, you won't spend much time alone in your kitchen. 

Allow space for a passing lane behind someone working at the counter.  If you have a favorite place for chopping, don't locate the fridge directly behind it so you get smacked when someone opens the door.  If possible, position the dishwasher so that its door, when open, won't block access to cupboards.

Design for convenience.

Where will you keep the items you need most often?  When you want to grab a half-cup measure, a paring knife, the cinnamon, or the small skillet, will you be able to do so quickly?

There a lots of built-in features to help keep things at your fingertips.  You won't pull a muscle reaching down for a pot if it sits on open, pull-out shelving.  Spices and other baking supplies are easy to locate on corner turntables.  In-drawer organization systems make small items obvious at a glance.

Plan an island.

If you have the space, a kitchen island can boost your kitchen's functionality by a mile.  It is a hub for gathering, a spacious place for prep, and can offer extra seating.  It also ups your storage capacity.

A cooktop can be built into your island, making the transfer from cutting board to pan easy.  Another option is to have your sink (or an extra sink for handwashing and vegetable scrubbing) installed in the island.

Before you dive into a kitchen remodel, think about which features and upgrades will make your kitchen hum with efficiency. Contact a company like Genuine Kitchens to learn more.