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hiring a contractor to improve your home environment

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Refinishing A Hardwood Floor: 3 Key Tips

Business owners often elect to refinish scuffed, worn, or otherwise unattractive hardwood floors as a way to increase their commercial appeal. Though this remodeling task involves a daunting amount of hard work, many people still choose to undertake it on their own. If you are considering refinishing a hardwood floor in your business, read on. This article will present three important things to know before you get started.

A random orbital sander will ensure the best sanding results.

The first step when refinishing a hardwood floor is to sand it down to bare, fresh wood. Those in the flooring industry often accomplish this through the use of a walk-behind drum sander. This is probably the fastest way to get the job done--yet it's also the most difficult. Unless you have prior experience using a drum sander, you risk damaging your floors, the sander, and even yourself!

Those new to hardwood floor refinishing should opt for a random orbital sander instead. Unlike regular orbital sanders, whose sanding disk simply spins in a circle, a random orbital sander also moves simultaneously in an elliptical pattern. This helps to reduce the likelihood of swirl marks or other visual flaws. It also means that you don't have to take the wood's grain into consideration when sanding. All you have to do is ensure that the sander remains level while you work.

A sealer coat will promote even staining.

Those who have plans to stain their hardwood floor will benefit by taking the time to apply a coat of sealer before staining. You see, wood floors are notoriously finicky about accepting stains. This is especially true of floors constructed out of softer woods. Sealer acts to fill in the wood's pores. This creates a more even surface, thus acting to minimize blotchy areas and ensure more consistent results.

Before you apply your sealer, make sure that it is compatible with the particular stain you will be using. Sealers and stains made by a single manufacturer will almost always be compatible. After applying the sealer, give it several hours to dry. Then give it a light sanding using a sandpaper of around 220 grit.

Foam rollers are the easiest way to apply your polyurethane.

The last step in any hardwood refinishing project is to apply one or more coats of polyurethane. Professional remodelers commonly use what is known as a lambswool applicator to accomplish this task. Like drum sanders, however, use of these applicators is best left to those with the requisite experience. Beginners will be able to achieve much more even results by using a simple foam paint roller to apply the polyurethane.

For professional help, contact local commercial renovation services.